Murelh Ntyandi

Web developer [PHP | SQL | JavaScript | HTML]


My name is Murelh Ntyandi.
I am a web developer and a web developement lover from Montpellier with more than four years' experience in the field of web creation.

At the present time, i am working as a freelance. I am a provider for short and long mission for some web and commucication agency.

Programming is a passion I found when I was a teen.

I also share my know-how through my association activities.


As you might guess, I master multiple languages and web solution. My knowledge allow me to work on a project from the very beggening (almost) to the very end.

My favorite language is PHP, then come in order JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SQL. And i master these tools in vanilla mode or by using framework and software like Wordpress, Bootstrap, or jQuery

Viaduct Violins

In order to redesign and improve the old version of Viaduct Violins, I created and fully responsive website based on a HTML5 Template (visit website).

This website allow you to browse instruments and bows owned by Viaduct Violins Paris. Lastly, you find find a very usefull documentation about makers.


Undoubtedly, amongst my projects, Edunem is the most ambitious one (visit website).

This project allow you to create and share multiple choice exercices with a lot of options.


Send me an email if you have question.
I think email is a good first touch.


Here is my phone if you really prefer calling me

phone : +33 6 67 85 94 47